T-150 Caddie And Tipper Integrated Server Maintenance System

Improve Your Efficiency

Streamline Your Workflow

T-150 Caddie & Tipper

The T-150 Tipper and Caddie is the perfect solution for maintaining Data warehouse servers. The integrated system dramatically reduces the time it takes to collect and sort hard drives for scan-recording and destruction.

T-150 Tipper

The T-150 Tipper is designed to be used in tandem with the T-150 Caddie, bringing efficiency and ergonomics to the process of scan-recording and destruction of server hard drives.

Hard drives that are due to be replaced are collected from servers throughout data warehouse in the T-150 Caddie. They are then brought to the processing station where the T-150 Tipper is located. The Tipper lifts the Caddie releasing its contents onto its integrated holding tray. The holding tray is at waist height making it easy for the operator to sort through the hard drives for scan recording and destruction.

The T-150 Tipper has a limit switch on the door to ensure safe operation. It has a max load capacity of 350kg meaning it can easily tip the contents of the T-150 Caddie.


  • 350kg load capacity
  • Integrated limit switch on door
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined work-flow

T-150 Caddie

The T150 Caddie is optimised for use with ride on tug platforms. It has a number of unique features that optimise the collection of hard drives from server racks.

The T150 Caddie is capable of carrying a 150kg load and has pivot wheels for easy steering. It has a specially designed ergonomic foot operated hitch that allows fast and easy attachment. The T150 Caddie is designed to be pulled in a train of up to 6 units, making it the most efficient method of hard drive collection.


  • 150 Kg max load
  • Pivot wheels for easy steering
  • Ergonomic quick hitch system
  • Can be pulled in train of up to 6 units