Server Rack Installation has never been easier

Customisable to fit any server rack

Compact, Robust, Efficient

R1650 Ramp System

The R1650 is the most complete server rack installation system available. The Patent Pending design revolutionises your work flow, making it more efficient and safer than ever before. The inspiration for the R1650 comes from our experience of working in Data centers, where we witnessed first-hand the issues associated with server rack installation and transportation. We identified a need for an easy to use, robust system that improves safety for both the workers and the valuable hardware while also reducing installation time.

The R1650 is optimised for use with battery powered hand driven tugs. The tugs versatility and compact power coupled with the R1650’s specially reinforced and customisable design, combine to make the most efficient server rack installation system. The R1650’s unique single track design is a huge improvement over the standard ramp systems which have two separate tracks leaving little margin for error. Bump strips along the side of the R1650 ramp prevent the rack from being driven over the edge making it the safest system available. Unloading server racks and guiding them down the ramp has never been easier.


  • Tried and tested with super weight servers up to 1600 kg
  • Customisable to fit any server rack
  • Standard model suitable for pallets up to 225mm height
  • Interchangeable transition plate to suit any pallet type
  • Every part is replaceable meaning it will last a life time
  • Saves time and increase productivity
  • Improves safety for workers and equipment
  • Unique grip surface
  • Up to 5 degree slope
  • Optimised for use with battery powered hand driven tug
  • Manual Accessories available
  • Patent Pending Design

R1650 Manual Steering Attachment

R1650 Manual Steering Attachment is the perfect solution for moving the ramp into position if you are not using a battery powered hand driven tug. The attachment is easy to install and is ideal if the server racks are unloaded manually.

    • Easy to install


    • Perfect for manual installation of server racks


    • 360 degree pivot wheel with brake

Tilting Hitch Attachment 

The Tilting Hitch Attachment for hand driven tugs is an essential accessory if you are moving equipment from level ground onto an angled ramp. The hitch design tilts to compensate for changes in the terrain by up to +/- 5 degrees. Key parts are made from strengthened steel making it capable of pulling loads over 1800kg


  • Customisable to interface with any Server Rack and pallet
  • Allows hand driven tugs to pull 1500kg and brake loads down the R1650 ramp
  • Compensates for +/- 5 degrees change in terrain
  • Pulls loads up to 1800kg